Rhea Bhandare, Founder of RBee Eyewear

Rhea Bhandare looking classic in her favorite black Cat eye RBee Frame

1. Which is your favorite holiday destination?

New York City

2. Which is your favorite pair of RBee Eyewear?

Black Cat Eye Frames that I’m wearing. Love them!

3. What does ‘fashion’ mean to Rhea Bhandare?

Fashion for me is wearing anything that suits ones personality and body type. I admire people that have their own sense of style and don’t necessarily try to follow fashion trends.

4. What are the few things you always carry?

Cell phone, wallet, house keys, Bobby brown eye pencil/ lipstick, Chanel blush on, mint.

5. To you, happiness is________?

Being grateful and making the most of everything life has to offer

6. Who is your role model?

There are a few people.
Sri Sri Ravishankar of the Art of Living – his ability to be so grounded, loving and bringing happiness in so many people’s lives with his meditations and practices is so inspiring.

Queen Rania of Jordon – I love her sense of style and the way she carries herself. She commits herself to a lot of social work and keeps her family as a priority. I aspire to have the same priorities.

Hillary Clinton – I admire her courage and perseverance. She is unstoppable and is a true example of someone who does not crumble under pressure, society or defeat but strives harder to achieve her goals.

7. Which is your all time favourite music track?

I have many favourites across genres, so cannot pick just one. However, I prefer Hip-Hop and R&B music the most.

8. Which is your favourite sport?


9. What does success mean to you?

Being happy, having peace of mind, being kind to others and truly making a difference in society is what I believe is true success.

10. Tell us something about Rhea Bhandare, we don’t know about?

I am a huge chocoholic!